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"When taking on a genealogical project, finding the truth is what Twila is all about.  I have worked with her on several personal projects and can attest to that as an absolute.  No cutting corners, never presenting anything that cannot be proven."

T.L. Nealy, former research volunteer at OHS

"My mom always told us we were related to Sequoyah and Twila confirmed that. She found things we never would have known because she works hard and doesn't give up. Twila's earned my respect of her work and as a person who cares very much about what she does."

Michael Tanner, citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Sequoyah descendant 

On the Elizabeth Warren research, "...Twila Barnes did one of the most comprehensive and well-researched genealogies I have ever seen. It was backed up with tons of supporting documentation."

René Gar, genealogist

"Twila Barnes is one of the most precise and focused persons I know who does genealogy work and work of considered value in that area. I've watched her over the years and I've been most impressed with her insistence upon the validity of sources and information. I not only admire the work she's done but appreciate it as well. I believe Twila's integrity and commitment to the work she does in genealogy is beyond reproach. That's extremely important in the area of Cherokee ancestry because there is a lot of pressure from various sources to challenge it. She has great courage and determination and sticks by her guns. Once she takes something forward as fact, I think you can count on it and I consider her an expert in this."

Mark Downing, citizen of the Cherokee Nation

"Whether you are just starting to research your family tree or have hit a brick wall trying to document one ancestor, I strongly recommend the services offered by Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes. She offers skills that many don't: extensive knowledge of tribal rolls, censuses, and history; keen ability to analyze and interpret data found in old, often obscure, historic documents, and critical awareness of the significance played by dates and locations found in these genealogical resources. You can be assured that Twila will turn over all stones to accurately document your Cherokee ancestors."
Cate Vann Russo, citizen of the Cherokee Nation


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