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Cherokee research is my passion and it is an honor to be able to use my knowledge to help others connect to their Cherokee ancestors. As a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, I understand the desire to learn as much as possible about our history and those who came before us.

My most notable genealogical research projects include the exploration of the ancestry of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and the documentation of the forgotten descendants of Sequoyah, inventor of the Cherokee syllabary. My research has been featured on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show; America Live! with Megyn Kelly; and on the Laura Ingraham radio show as well as numerous regional television and radio programs.

I'm the author of the Cherokee blog, Thoughts from Polly's Granddaughter, and I have had articles published in both the Cherokee Phoenix and Indian Country Today. I'm currently on the clock for certification by the Board for the Certification for Genealogists and I am a court certified expert witness in Indian Child Welfare Act cases involving Cherokee ancestry and history.

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